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Welcome to the Wonder Dog Society!

July 26, 2016

Welcome! I am Bucky the Wonder Dog and this is my blog, Bucky's Bark. My mom says that it's important to let people know who I am and this is how I am going to do it.


Right now my mom is really busy working on putting together a place for the Wonder Dog Society. This is super exciting because she says this is place where we can hang out together every day. And, she says I'll get to have tons of friends! I love friends.


My best friend is named Lala. She came to live with us from the Capital Area Humane Society. She is kind of crazy, but mom says it's just because she has lots and lots of energy. That's why Dog Day Care is so important for Lala. It's important for me, too. I love meeting all kinds of dogs and I love to play.


I can't wait for the Wonder Dog Society dog day care facility to be open! It isn't just a dog day care or boarding place, it's a place for people who love dogs to come together as a community. Mom says that dogs are a wonder and she wants everybody to know it. I think she is the best because she takes care of me and loves me. She says I'm the best because I help her have less stress and more joy in her life. Like that bumper sticker says, who rescued who?


It's been a long road getting this place set up and it isn't ready yet, but I hope that when it is, I will get to meet you there! You don't have to wait for us to have our place set up to join our community, though. If you love dogs like my mom and I do, connect with us here!

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