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A Few of My Favorite Things

August 3, 2016

One of the best things to do is play with toys. As long as I can remember, my favorite kind of toy was a good ball. My best pal Lala loves frisbees, but I have always preferred a ball.


We have had many different kinds of balls to play with but I think the best would be the ChuckIt! brand. These balls are sturdy and difficult to destroy - and I have destroyed many balls over the years. I like the squeaker, but my mom prefers the quieter ones like the Ultra Ball or the Whistler. 


Another toy I am really fond of is the Kong Quiet Play line, like the Crackle Stick or the Squeezz Crackle Dumbell. These toys care great because they don't have squeakers to drive mom crazy. They just crackle when you bite them. Lala and I use them to play tug a lot! They also have Squeezz Crackle Ball, which I enjoy chewing on. 


My mom says Kong makes a ton of great toys. We love our Classic Kong Toy filled with peanutbutter and treats. If you asked Lala what her favorite toy was, she would tell you it's the Kong Rubber Flyer, which is a heavy duty rubber frisbee. It's the only frisbee she has had that she didn't destroy! It is made from a heavy duty rubber so she can chew and try to tear it up, but it doesn't do any damage to it at all. It is heavier to throw than a normal frisbee. Our dad has a good throwing arm and can make it go pretty far even though it's heavy!


When I look at my toy collection, there are two toys I prize above all else. The first is my over sized stuff pound puppy. That is my inside toy and it comforts me to suckle on it. My mom says I do that because I was too young when I came to live with her. I don't remember that as well as she does. I just know I like my puppy.


The other toy I love more than any other is my outside toy, my Jolly Egg. This toy is the most fun to play with. It's more fun than any ball. My Jolly Egg is shaped, well, like an egg. It is made from a hard, durable plastic and is weighted on one end. This makes it erratic as it is pushed around. I'm not supposed to be able to pick it up, but I proved them wrong. I have perfected the art of chasing the Jolly Egg, holding it between my paws, and getting my mouth around the small end so that I can bring it back like playing fetch. My favorite game is when my dad throws it across the backyard and I can chase after it. It is also a lot of fun in the winter time to chase it as it skitters away over the top of the snow.


Now you know, these are the toys I like. 


Your Friend,

Bucky the Wonder Dog

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