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A Passion for Wonder Dogs

My Story

My story is all about a boy named Bucky. Bucky is my Wonder Dog. We adopted him when he was only six weeks old. From the very first day we brought him home, my life changed. I had been unable to have children, but when we brought Bucky home it was as if he filled a part of that hole in my heart. He became a complete wonder to me. Now, I see all dogs as a wonder for the joy and love they bring to our lives.

When I went to work, I constantly thought about what Bucky was doing at home alone. I dreamed of being able to spend my days with him. I started to take him to a dog day care when he was old enough and it helped me to feel secure knowing he was playing and socializing with other dogs while I was at work.

Eventually the idea for the Wonder Dog Society grew from there and I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to nurture and grow a community of wonder dogs and their people.

Today, I can make that dream a reality. I want to give people a feeling of contentment as they know their wonder dog is being enriched by socialization, activity, and love during every single visit.

Devoted Dog Mom,

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